Just a little different...

Day hikes in Extremadura

When you walk in nature, everything starts to flow more. Your thoughts, your state of mind; everything feels lighter. 
I am Huib. During the Covid pandemic, I walked the camino Francés, about which I wrote a series of columns, reports and a book (also available in English). What started as a short-term project grew into a constant in my creative life. In recent years, I walked 4,500 km right across Spain. This is how I took this country more and more into my heart.  

I walk and write. In both I want to do something for others 

In Extremadura I currently organise varying day walks. Small-scale and for everyone on holiday or passing through. The starting point: a day's walk can make all the difference. The attractive flora and fauna of Extremadura plus my experience as a hiking expert for ESpanje Magazine form the basis. No hassle, just a few hours into full nature with a English-speaking Dutch local.  

Hiking brings you closer to yourself


Life. Grounding. Letting go. Walking is coming to yourself in the now. Why not share that experience with others, if you know your way around here and speak the language?  Extremadura's nature is a palette of beauty. A prerequisite for offering these unique day hikes. My background as a hiking expert for the Dutch ESpanje Magazine forms the basis. 


When I'm not hiking, I write. Travel reports, interviews, website texts. I do this for various clients, where a link to Spain has its advantages. I also write blogs, poetry and experiential prose. Feel free to approach me for an assignment and together we will work it out.